F 55, left upper eyelid

Fig 1.  Dermal cyst lined by columnar epithelium containing acellular fluid. Note the papillary and solid intracystic epithelial proliferation on the right side


Fig 2.  Apocrine type epithelium with decapitation secretion lines the papillary projections into the cyst


  • Diagnosis: Apocrine papillary cystadenoma (Apocrine hidrocystoma)
  • Comment:
  • Benign cutaneous adnexal tumor of apocrine sweat glands, usually in the face.
  • Hidrocystoma with papillary proliferation of the apocrine type epithelium from the cyst wall in the cyst cavity.


  • Deba P Sarma, MD
  • Omaha

Download: Apocrine papillary cystadenoma (Apocrine hidrocystoma)