M 39, scalp nodule, 3 cm

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Diagnosis: Cylindroma



  • Sex: mostly female. Location: mostly scalp.
  • Slow-growing, sometimes painful solitary pink or red dermal nodule averaging 1 cm in size.
  • Familial cases are associated with multiple tumors.
  • Such cases may also be associated with facial trichoepitheliomas, and eccrine

spiradenomas, called autosomal dominant Brooke-Spiegler syndrome (familial

cylindromatosis or turban tumor syndrome).

Pathologic features: 
-Presence of numerous scalp lesions is called ‘turban tumor’.

-Non-encapsulated dermal tumor not connected to the

overlying   epidermis.

-Composed of numerous lobules of epithelial cells arranged in a jigsaw

or mosaic pattern.

-Prominent red basement membrane-like structure encircles the

tumor lobules.

-Each lobule shows a peripheral lining by dark basaloid cells and an inner

larger and paler zone of cells.

-Nodular deposits of red material within the lobules as well as focal

well-formed ducts.

-This is a common adnexal tumor of eccrine origin.


Download: Cylindroma


Deba P Sarma, MD, Omaha